Station Muenchen Hbf

Munich Central Station / station Muenchen Hbf

Rating: 3.9
Аddress: Bayerstraße 10A, 80335 München, Germany
GPS: 48.1402669 11.559998



Station  Muenchen Hbf Station  Muenchen Hbf Station  Muenchen Hbf Station  Muenchen Hbf


Аbout Station Muenchen Hbf.

Joseph Nibin

Оценка: 5

Main and the biggest railway station in Munich Germany 🇩🇪. It is one of the three station with long distance services in Munich. We traveled to neuschwanstein castle from this railway station. Very crowded, you will get the support from the help desk. Fast Food joints are available. Station is very neat and clean.

Sharon Cohen

Оценка: 5

What an amazing station! But far the biggest one I've ever seen in my entire life. Multiple stories with so many food places and they were all so good and there were even little grocery markets where you could get produce! there are storage lockers where you can keep your things for the day and they are pretty affordable, 3 euros for 6 hours. everything is so easy to find as it is labeled so well and everything makes a lot of sense. Trains come very often and go pretty much everywhere and are so connected.

Galo F. Anda

Оценка: 5

I admire the Germans, the way they organize everything. This central station is and example. Clean comfortable place and on time.

Harshita Tiwari

Оценка: 4

Pretty neat and maintained station though it is very big. It takes 1-2 visits to figure out how and where things are but it's still very convenient. The only confusion I still face is to figure out on which side/gate of the station will I find a particular tram or bus, that should be made more clear on MVV app. A lot of quick food options, and it is the only place supermarkets are open on Sunday albeit they will be a little expensive than your usual.

Vinay Kulkarni

Оценка: 5

superb station. great connectivity. big and lovely construction. ample food joints.

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