Station Muenchen Marienplatz

Munich Marienplatz station / station Muenchen Marienplatz

Rating: 4.5
Аddress: 80331 Munich, Germany
GPS: 48.1378217 11.5760086



Station  Muenchen Marienplatz Station  Muenchen Marienplatz Station  Muenchen Marienplatz Station  Muenchen Marienplatz


Аbout Station Muenchen Marienplatz.

Miyuki Uriu

Оценка: 5

Excellnt station!

Jacqueline Schillinger

Оценка: 5

Very beautiful place to visit.

Michael Joshua

Оценка: 5

Wow, what a grand sight. Simply beautiful old building. This is a great section of town. Lots to do and see. Lots of good food. 👍🏽like this review please

The Dusaka

Оценка: 1

Not very modern, buying a ticket requires to get a stamp (it’s 2019?) even when the date and time already printed on the ticket, service staff are rude and directions in the trains are not obvious. Coming to Munich as a tourist, i had different expectations for the public transit. In other cities and countries, tickets are cheaper and more tourist friendly...lots of improvement potential here

Tanusree Mukherjee

Оценка: 4

4/5 and that's unheard of.

Where is the Station Muenchen Marienplatz located?