Station Aachen Hbf

Aachen Hbf / station Aachen Hbf

Rating: 3.5
Аddress: 52064 Aachen, Germany
GPS: 50.7680939 6.0908755



Station  Aachen Hbf Station  Aachen Hbf Station  Aachen Hbf Station  Aachen Hbf


Аbout Station Aachen Hbf.


Оценка: 4

Aachen hbf is a small railway station. there very few eating outlet. There is no digital notice board. all the train information will be on notice board. there are lifts available. Clean station and paid and clean toilets

A. O

Оценка: 3

Nice train station. Lockers are €3 for small, €5 for large.

Madhu Anjanappa

Оценка: 1

Regarding DB Sales team, I applied for Monats Abo karte, they told me I will receive a post. I didn't received and when I went there, they told me to call and check with Abo, when I call Abo they told me they couldn't able to find the Order request means no contract on my name. How come DB sales people lost my contract? I sent an email to Abo, they replied me that I need to reapply for new contract going back to DB, I went back and I told them, I showed them email, they are saying they need email from abo they canceled previous karte, what the contract it self not there and I am showing them the email from Abo that I have to make new contract. I have to send email again to Abo and check.... really!!!!!!

Muhammad Usman

Оценка: 4

Nice station with basic shopping franchises

Ganesh Harugeri

Оценка: 3

Very few outlets, few more eating/brunch outlets in Hbf would be helpful.

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