Train Station Bayerisch Eisenstein

Železná Ruda / station Bayerisch Eisenstein

Rating: 4.4
Аddress: 340 04 Železná Ruda, Czechia
GPS: 49.1221929 13.2100442



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Аbout Train Station Bayerisch Eisenstein.

Yiftach Fehige

Оценка: 5

Historically of great significance. It used to stand right on the border between East and West Europe (German & CSSR border). Building is in super shape, and has lots to offer, including a museum, a restaurant, impeccable washrooms. In walking distance you find a train museum. In front of the building there is a climbing structure for kids (5-8 years old appropriate).

Dorothy Kil

Оценка: 4

It’s a beautiful station right in the borders of Germany and Czech Repulic. The surroundings are great for pictures. Lots of places to sit and very friendly staffs. It’s just the WCs, they’re locked most of the time. And the coffee machine wasn’t working once, not knowing why. Besides that it’s always comfortable and exciting to be at the station.

Kesab Nayak

Оценка: 5

Beautiful railway station. Actually its the border of czech republic and Germany.

Radovan Hosek

Оценка: 5

Only one train stop located between 2 states over the world! Nice architecture, mani indoors activities for wet weather!

Juergen Garbe

Оценка: 4

Unique train station as it serves two countries, Germany and the Cesko Republic. It is the only one in Europe to do so. You can board trains at this transfer station into each of the countries and their excursions available by train. Note though that the trains of the former East Block are NOT up to our western standards, they are not as clean, they are outdated and there are operational problems and logistics that at times defy the realm of reality. I would definitely classify it as a third world type experience.

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