Station Berlin ZOB am Funkturm

Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin / station Berlin ZOB am Funkturm

Rating: 2.7
Аddress: 14057 Berlin, Germany
GPS: 52.5074826 13.2798914



Station  Berlin ZOB am Funkturm Station  Berlin ZOB am Funkturm Station  Berlin ZOB am Funkturm Station  Berlin ZOB am Funkturm


Аbout Station Berlin Zob Am Funkturm.

Kuba _

Оценка: 3

Really dangerous place at night and in the evening but at least the guards are doing their best. There are renovations now so I hope this bus station will get better. The WC to pay was in a terrible condition

Nuno Camarinha

Оценка: 2

Under construction... It's a messed up place...


Оценка: 3

Let me tell you this, a third world country regional bus station is better than this. The signage is very poor, if you are using the s bahn to get here, you will struggle to guess which way to go, unless you are lucky enough to follow the other passengers who happen to be going in that direction. 5-6 minutes walk from the s-bahn, you'll be welcome by the sorry state of the station. It's old, dusty, greasy and not welcoming at all. Some ticket and snack booths outside the terminal, a cafe inside the terminal, and a nice pizza joint owned by a friendly Italian man at the back of the terminal. There is a decent hotel just next door if I remember well.Toilets are not clean too. Having said that, because it is so basic and open, you will have no trouble finding your bus. My advice to international travelers, please buy your ticket online, it will save you a lot of time because most of your time will be wasted trying to locate this station if you are using it for the first time. I boarded a RegioJet bus from here to Prague.

Kt Crothers

Оценка: 1

Overall safe and well lit but very poor signage and confusing bus posts. Toilets are also ages away from the bus station which is both nonsensical and infuriating when you have heavy luggage which many folk do, being an international bus depot...

Jasmin Javorina

Оценка: 1

Whether you are an international traveller or just someone visiting a cousin in Berlin, sight to greet your eyes will be the same: piles of garbage strewn all over the station, cigarette butts literally everywhere, toilet facilities in a horrible state (just where the toilet fee funds are utilized afterwards, I'm sure I don't know), barely any content at all and last but not least a costruction site right in the middle of the station. This is NOT what anyone should see first time in Berlin, provided they choose Flix as their means. Shame, shame, shame on Berlin for letting this happen.

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