Train Station D Flughafen Terminal S

Flughafen Düsseldorf / station D Flughafen Terminal S

Rating: 3.9
Аddress: 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany
GPS: 51.2783128 6.7675928



Train Station  D Flughafen Terminal S Train Station  D Flughafen Terminal S Train Station  D Flughafen Terminal S


Аbout Train Station D Flughafen Terminal S.

Sandeep Kumar Vashist

Оценка: 5

It is always a great experience taking flights from the Duesseldorf airport. The airport is very convenient to reach by train or car. It is not too big like Frankfurt airport and offers a wide range of flights and connections. The airport has all the major utility shops and is clean and nice organized. The check in and security is done quite fast and very convenient.

Navid Anayati

Оценка: 5

Many signs showing all the options, traditional duty free shops available, good WiFi speed free with no registration, many bars and restaurants to eat quickly

Greg Wurz

Оценка: 5

Great experience. I live in the EU and travel all the time. Today everything went off without a hitch. Check-in, Security and snacks went quickly and without problem. Airport, Skytrain, and Gates were clean and comfortable.

Olu Oguntona

Оценка: 4

The airport is not the biggest I have ever been, but definitely ranks in the top half for design, technology, design, not very great shopping experience after security checks though. so if you are hungry especially, your better choices are before passing through the airport security The Airport is very accessible. On arrival, my phone was already out of battery, I basically sat in a corner and got my phone charged without problems. The sky ride was amazing for me. a good taste of German technology. few English speakers around helped in giving direction on request. My highlight at the departure was how easy it was to get to the Airport on a crazy busy Wednesday evening. Overall experience is very pleasant .

Chi Zhang

Оценка: 1

My daughter and I had very terrifying experience at the ticket office. The ticket officer is very rude and arrogant. He refused to explain ticket options. He must have a very bad day but he should not pass his bad mood to customers.