Station Dresden Hbf

Dresden Central Station / station Dresden Hbf

Rating: 4.4
Аddress: Wiener Platz 4, 01069 Dresden, Germany
GPS: 51.0405029 13.7314191



Station  Dresden Hbf Station  Dresden Hbf Station  Dresden Hbf Station  Dresden Hbf


Аbout Station Dresden Hbf.

macedonboy .

Оценка: 4

The main train station in Dresden and currently undergoing renovation, although all the facilities seem usable. There's lots of shops here, many of which are located in the lovely arched passage with the steel arches visible below the glass. It's fairly easy to get a ticket with either the manned booths or automated ticket machines. I thought the station and platforms were confusing to navigate unlike the usually straightforward stations in Germany and there was only one departure board that I could see. The station is also a useful connection point as many of the trams also stop right outside the station. Fine to use, but hardly an architectural masterpiece of design or engineering.

Olamide Bello

Оценка: 5

Large station with so many platforms. You can easily connect Leipzig from here and there's also a train that goes to Prague, Czech Republic from here


Оценка: 3

the plaza in front of the station is lovely and nice. People can take a rest here and enjoy some snacks too. I hung around here quite several times while I was visiting Dresden.

Amir Mosavi

Оценка: 5

Efficient, organized station. One of the best.


Оценка: 2

It is unclear at all where is bus platform 1-2! No any stand or banner were found around! We were looking for it for 30 minutes, and, didn't miss the bus only for a lucky case. We familiarized a bus on the road and run to catch it! Btw, no any service-man or info-helper guy around ,inside and outside the station! It's a big disappointment!

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