Station Goettingen

Göttingen / station Goettingen

Rating: 3.8
Аddress: Berliner Str., 37073 Göttingen, Germany
GPS: 51.5366405 9.9267825



Station  Goettingen Station  Goettingen Station  Goettingen


Аbout Station Goettingen.

Nithish Sirangi

Оценка: 3

Good station, not so great.

Farid Nugraha

Оценка: 4

Busy train station, you must early come regarding your time schedule. Late some minutes train will go..

Gk Santosh

Оценка: 3

Small train station, clean and good food court with lot of varieties.

S Shamima Nasrin

Оценка: 3

It's weird they don't have heating systemm inside the station. Or is it normal?

Basit Adekunle Azeez

Оценка: 5