Train Station Leipzig Hbf

Leipzig Main Station / station Leipzig Hbf

Rating: 4.5
Аddress: Willy-Brandt-Platz, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
GPS: 51.3454725 12.3815755



Train Station  Leipzig Hbf Train Station  Leipzig Hbf Train Station  Leipzig Hbf


Аbout Train Station Leipzig Hbf.

Ivan Liao

Оценка: 5

One of the best main station in Germany. It is clean and integrated with the shopping mall even open on Sunday, which is quite convenient for people to reach and go shopping. The interior design is fascinating and blended with modern and ancient design

A to tha K

Оценка: 4

Excellent east German main Rail Station Leipzig (Hauptbahnhof) the beautiful market town, the station is complete with shops galore and massive chandeliers!!! It’s on two floors. Tonnes of nice eateries before you get chance to hit the town- great if you’ve had a long journey.

Rick Jackson

Оценка: 5

One of the best in all of Europe very clean, well organized, not rushed or chaotic on any of the three levels. Lots of food choices and shopping. Even a full grocery store, pharmacy, clothing, etc...Even some fun things for the children like an old fashioned carnival ride. The largest and most relaxing Starbucks we have seen. Also great coffee shop in the book store.

Miyuki Uriu

Оценка: 5

The building inside and outside was beautiful. There is no English announcements about departure of trains. But staff are kind. They were appropriate attitude when train was cancelled.

Dharmadas Giri

Оценка: 5

One of the best train station I have been seen so far. Shopping and traveling is made easy here

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