Station Mainz Hbf

Mainz Hbf / station Mainz Hbf

Rating: 3.4
Аddress: Mainz, Germany
GPS: 50.0014936 8.2591177



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Аbout Station Mainz Hbf.

Said S.

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Timetables show wrong time - 6 hours apart 👈😑👉


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Good Connections.

Jordan Girardin

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Mainz Hbf has excellent regional links to Koblenz, Frankfurt, and Wiesbaden, and is connected to a great number of IC cities. Some ICE trains also call here, onwards to Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Munich, Dresden. The station itself is relatively spatious, with good services nearby, and is a short walk into both the Altstadt and Neustadt.

peris wagathiki

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Nice one


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Because there is a lot of Attractions and historical places.

Where is the Station Mainz Hbf located?