Station Mainz Roemisches Theater

Mainz Römisches Theater / station Mainz Roemisches Theater

Rating: 3.6
Аddress: 55116 Mainz, Germany
GPS: 49.9935677 8.2778033



Station  Mainz Roemisches Theater


Аbout Station Mainz Roemisches Theater.

Nikhil Gaikwad

Оценка: 4

Some ruins of Roman Amphitheater found while construction of Railway station beside it. Takes you in the past.. Also a good place to get view of city skyline.

Jordan Girardin

Оценка: 5

If heading towards Frankfurt, Mainz Römisches Theater is a great alternative to Mainz Hbf, especially if you are going into the Altstadt. This station is just as close to the old town as Mainz Hbf, and will cut your train journey time by 3 minutes. Nice views onto the Roman Theatres too.

Mohammad Iskaina

Оценка: 3

In a hurry to catch the train

Ay Kay

Оценка: 4

Recent renovations have improved this historic train station. Now there are elevators so that the disabled can have access to the trains.


Оценка: 5