Station Munchen ZOB

ZOB Munich / station Munchen ZOB

Rating: 3.3
Аddress: Arnulfstraße 21, 80335 München, Germany
GPS: 48.142276 11.549848



Station  Munchen ZOB Station  Munchen ZOB Station  Munchen ZOB


Аbout Station Munchen Zob.

Vaishak Kandoth

Оценка: 4

It’s a nice bus station which has shelter in case if it rains. I took two FlixBuses from here. Boarded from the designated platforms. The platforms are numbered so that you don’t have to ask people for help. There are limited seats for sitting. There are some shops nearby in case if you want to buy water or snacks.

SeFok Chan

Оценка: 5

The central bus station ZOB is easily accessible as it is a stop on all the S Bahn lines in the central district. Buses from here take you all over Europe. There are overhead screens on the ground (bus) level which shows the departure time and platform of the buses. Generally a scheduled bus will show up on the screen about 30 minutes before. Each bus platform also has a screen showing the next bus departing from the platform. It generally displays the information much earlier than 30 minutes. Note that the ZOB official website bus schedule is dominated by FLIX buses. Some of the buses operated by non-German bus companies are not shown the departure schedule on the official Website. We took a bus from Munich to Zagreb operated by Arriva Express. We bought the ticket through Getbybus app. The schedule of this bus was not displayed on the ZOB website but to our relief on the day of departure we found the info on the screen. The floor above the bus level has many places where you can get food and coffee for the trip. The bus level has a paid toilet. Overall we found the ZOB a little grungy but everything works.

Vincent Penschke

Оценка: 4

Very easyly accessible via S-Bahn, great diversity in quick food and helpful staff at the information centers. Busses are mostly on time and the stops are all easy to find.

Cavin Ward-Caviness

Оценка: 3

Pretty standard bus station. Looks nice and things are generally on time. Only 3 stars because they have changed the restaurants available so that there is basically only coffee and pastries available. Also no subway stop so you really have to connect through the central station if you are going anywhere in the city.

Tom L.

Оценка: 3

As far as bus terminals go, this one isn't bad. It's a great place to easily locate your bus and have a quick döner kebab before hitting the road. It's not a place to spend a long layover. But you don't really need to: it's directly on the main S-Bahn line, only two minutes away from much more interesting places to spend your time.