Station Nürnberg Hbf

Nürnberg Hbf / station Nürnberg Hbf

Rating: 3.2
Аddress: Bahnhofspl. 9, 90443 Nürnberg, Germany
GPS: 49.4455822 11.0825317



Station  Nürnberg Hbf


Аbout Station Nürnberg Hbf.

Ken Strong

Оценка: 4

Good selection of food & drink places and a proper bar upstairs. Only downside is the looong walk to the high-numbered platforms!

Sebastian Lupa

Оценка: 4

Clean, roomy, even though its usually crowded. Man can find something to eat, a shop, everything one can need while traveling. Plus the old building is really quite impressive.

Andy Rahadian

Оценка: 5

Great place, a real German style effectiveness!

Erdogan Yanikoglu

Оценка: 4

Central location in the city as in the others, crowded in weekdays. Variety of foods, coffees inside. One can find something to eat anytime of the day. Be very careful about the taxis in front of the building, especially with the taxis which has Turkish driver, they even cheat on me even they realize I am Turkish and even I know specifically where to go. Taxi driver try to loose the way several times I interrupted him with the google map in my phone but he insist to cheat again several times on purpose. I ashamed on their name. What a greedy inhumanity and that was just for sucking a couple of more unfair euros.

Cristian Mantzoros

Оценка: 1

This train station is an important travel hub in Germany. Unfortunately, if you visit this place you'll experience dirty toilets, no seating options or waiting area. Beside that, the station is full of homeless and drunk people. As arhitecture and functionality the infrastructure is impressive. Youll feel there in danger if it happen to travel late.

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