Schwandorf station / station Schwandorf

Rating: 3.5
Аddress: Bahnhofpl. 1, 92421 Schwandorf, Germany
GPS: 49.326515 12.1039972



  Schwandorf   Schwandorf   Schwandorf   Schwandorf


Аbout Schwandorf.

Tony Buckley

Оценка: 4

A nice small train station. There is a backery located inside. Also a shop that sells drinks and a magazine store. Train tickets can be purchased outside at a machine or at the information booth. Parking is limited in front of the building There is also a large parking lot that is free if you purchase a train ticket. For more information ask at the magazine store.

Sheraz Gul

Оценка: 5

Good train station but remote location.

William James

Оценка: 4

Great way to travel once you figure out the train car translation lol

Walker Smith

Оценка: 3

Little well organized

Ishan Priyadarshi

Оценка: 5

Well built for a small town. The best part is the WC if free!

Where is the Schwandorf located?