Train Station Stuttgart Hbf

Stuttgart Central Station / station Stuttgart Hbf

Rating: 3.3
Аddress: Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
GPS: 48.783206 9.182289



Train Station  Stuttgart Hbf Train Station  Stuttgart Hbf Train Station  Stuttgart Hbf


Аbout Train Station Stuttgart Hbf.

Jack Moffatt

Оценка: 3

The central station is under construction and therefore feels improvised and temporary. All necessities are provided, open shops, restrooms, service stations. However, the atmosphere there is a bit uncomfortable. It will be much better when the mega project of redevelopment is complete.


Оценка: 2

The waiting room has no heater and it is super cold for the passengers at night! The music jukebox during the Christmas time is so weird and not nice. It is somewhat messy and the some staffs are not sure the way/directions. You need to be careful of your belongings. The wc here is not free, which is unbelievable. The tourist information center (Reisezentrum) has move to the left side beside Gleis 1 (platform 1), need to follow the blue line/label on the floor. Der Warteraum am Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof bietet keine Heizung an, es ist zu kalt in der Nacht! Die Musik (Adventskalender) dort ist merkwürdig.

Karuppanasamy A S

Оценка: 5

All train connection point to the entire stuttgart. S bauhn, U bauhn and Ice trains meeting point. Lot of shops available for food and other esstials

Nasir Masud

Оценка: 5

For comfortable travel anywhere in Germany. It has one the finest and comfortable trains and traveling through it while you are in Germany is something you can say is the best thing over there and I highly prefer it to avail such service rather than taking taxis and other private transportation over there.

Thomas Lentz (Tommy)

Оценка: 3

Stuttgart HBf will get a better ranking, when it is not a construction site anymore. In wintertime it is not the warmest place to be. Fortunately nothing changed with Corona lockdown, because everything has already been closed down, due to the construction (sarcasm).

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