Airport Rome Ciampino Airport

Rome Ciampino Giovan Battista Pastine Airport / station Rome Ciampino Airport

Rating: 3
Аddress: Via Appia Nuova, 1651, 00040 Ciampino RM, Italy
GPS: 41.7991399 12.5928607



Airport  Rome Ciampino Airport


Аbout Airport Rome Ciampino Airport.

Martim Pereira

Оценка: 1

So let's start with Ryanair postponing our flight to the next day, so we didn't have where to sleep the last day, and that's OK but the problem is the flight is before 6 am and there aro no transports, so we have to be here, at the airport, the day before, and then we discovered that the airport closes until 4 am, and to help everything we cannot get in the airport because the guard won't let us due to covid, because it makes sense to put every passenger in a small entrance outside at the sun with a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius instead of scattered around the big airport. And the only food there is outside is from a vending machine that not only it is expensive but also makes it impossible to grab the food if it falls inside the machine after you pay it.

Rodrigo Chiusoli

Оценка: 1

Very comfortable sidewalk to sleep on during the night, since the airport closes between 12 am and 4 am, for your early flight needs. The staff show great skills with only the italian language, which would be great if this weren't an international airport. I made a lot of friends with the guards that took turns ignoring my appeals to use the restroom before the airport closed, since I would only get in the next day when my flight was. When you try to eat anything, the food vending machines show a mix of just stealing your money or throwing it out of the basket, making it go to waste. Overall experience: I'm glad I had the opportunity to stay overnight on the sidewalk during summer times, because if it were in the winter I don't know what would have happened.

Kamil R.

Оценка: 2

We came there from Poland and wanted to take a quick bus to Ciampino. It's obviously close but no way to go by foot. The bus never came. We waited an hour or more and there should be at least 2 buses already. People know nothing. Also you can't purchase ticket from the driver. Screw the waiting. Taxi wanted 30 euro (it's literally like 5 kilometers!). We negotiated 20 a little further. On the other hand. Hard to get there for cheap from Roma Termini. Bus is 10 euro per adult (ticket purchased online) and you get a feeling like it's going when it wants plus you might not get in if there's too many people. Smarter (less stressful) to find another way or take a taxi for 30. About the airport alone - it's small and boring. Literally nothing to do there having 2 hours before the flight. Sorry if something wasn't clear but we just came back from Roma to Poznań and are tired af.

Marcelo Bossle

Оценка: 5

Very small airport very close to Rome (15km), I saw no problem for that. Easy access to buses to Rome in the parking lot just ahead. Because it is small too fast to pass through security. Kind staff and clean environment. Stores close after business hours, keep this in mind if you arrive hungry. It has smoking area.

Ian Francis

Оценка: 1

Awful airport. Wouldn't let us out of checked in area, which is basically a waiting room. Full of little jobsworths and fascists who have nothing better to do with their time

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