Train Station Brescia

Brescia Railway Station / station Brescia

Rating: 3.4
Аddress: Viale della Stazione, 36, 25122 Brescia BS, Italy
GPS: 45.5326765 10.2130367



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Аbout Train Station Brescia.


Оценка: 5

This is the main railway station in the town. It is quite big and very nice. The main building looks great, almost like an old mansion. The interior of the station is not different, also looking very cool, big, modern and it is very well kept. Those who travel can certainly find a nice spot for themselves to pass the time while waiting for the trains. There are a lot of small shops with food, drinks and coffee shops. The underground passage to the platforms is bright and wide and also hosts some shops. The entire station is equipped with modern informations systems and screens, where you can easily find the departure and arrivel times of the trains and all the other relevant informations. I dont know the situation during night hours, but during the daytime the station looks very safe. Those who travel by car, can reach the station very easily from the main highway and you can park safely your veichle in the parking place „Stazione“ only about 200 m away. For all those who just like trains, here you can see a lot of different types of them. There is a lot of train traffic so it is a great place for train spotting too.😻

Mireille veninga-peeren

Оценка: 2

In the evening a lot op whistling groups just standing there. People sleeping inside the station. Not for traveling on your own.

Andreo Ravel

Оценка: 3

One does not feel reassured with the many migrants who hang in the station without postum reason. Cleanliness is neglected.

Alessio Ganci

Оценка: 5

Good railway station serving Brescia.

нαlєƒσм нαвтємιcнαєl

Оценка: 5

Good place really