Station Firenze S.M.N.

Firenze Santa Maria Novella / station Firenze S.M.N.

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
GPS: 43.776447 11.2478681



Station  Firenze S.M.N. Station  Firenze S.M.N. Station  Firenze S.M.N. Station  Firenze S.M.N.


Аbout Station Firenze S.m.n..

Marion Lopez

Оценка: 5

Such an easy to navigate train station. There’s a cafe inside if you need to get something to eat prior, and use omio app to purchase your tickets go make everything easier. All employees were very accommodating and friendly to tourists.

Thomas Schmidt

Оценка: 5

Station is not too big, so you can arrive very shortly before your trains. Very easy and fast to get to the platforms. And obviously the station is beautifully situated. Just a brief walk away from the Duomo di Firenze.

Benson Leng

Оценка: 5

Decent station. Nice area. Near to lots of hotels. Restaurants. Cafes. N lots of famous attraction nearby. N there’s an underground shopping area.

Af Ar

Оценка: 4

Stazione di santa maria novella is a main station of trains in firence . We arrived it from milan . There were automatic machines and gishes for taking ticket . It seems they don't like english language as an international language.

G L Littleton

Оценка: 4

I didn't see much. It's a long walk and they have it timed so you better not drag your feet. It's huge, plenty of assistance from staff visable. I'll return to exam the construction in a few days.

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