Train Station Malpensa Aeroporto T.1

Malpensa Aeroporto T1 / station Malpensa Aeroporto T.1

Rating: 3.4
Аddress: 21010 Ferno, VA, Italy
GPS: 45.627237 8.711096



Train Station  Malpensa Aeroporto T.1 Train Station  Malpensa Aeroporto T.1 Train Station  Malpensa Aeroporto T.1


Аbout Train Station Malpensa Aeroporto T.1.

Mariam Saatashvili

Оценка: 5

clean and nice airport. isn’t very busy

Dominic Bologna

Оценка: 1

Rude staff. Sells wrong tickets. Refuses to give refund. Doesn't inform customers of announced train strike and closure. MINUS 5*s

Alt Narrative

Оценка: 5

Surprisingly great experience at Malpensa today. Was told to wait to check in for my Oman flight until 6:30. I tried at 6pm anyway. Was waiting in a line with only three people ahead of me, when a staff member ushered me into an empty line (because I had checked in online earlier). The lady who served me was very helpful and pleasant, seemingly going out of her way to get me the aisle seats I requested in two flight with Oman. She even said she would see if she could print out my third flight (with a different airline), she was able to and apologised that she wasn’t able to get me an aisle seat as it’s a different airline. She assured me that my luggage would arrive in my final destination country, no need to check in again and collect my baggage. She pointed me where to go and circled all relevant info on my boarding passes. Excellent. The terminal itself in clean and quite modern. There is some art too. Food in the food court is of course obscenely expensive. €6.50 for a panino. Margarita pizza from €7.50. But! If you wait until you get to your gate, I was at B56, there is a vending machine with sandwiches ranging from €2.50 to €3.00. I really liked the one I got. Surprise of surprises. Fresh and flavoursome. I’m shook by how good this airport was. Oh and finally, there is a vaping/smoking room right near the boarding gates onto the plane. Simple room but good enough. Very handy to have it right there.

Khrystyna Synytsya

Оценка: 1

2 Hours long waiting for passport control for several international flights. Only two operating windows in the morning. Every single time I fly, I am beyond than disappointed. The information stuff is incredibly unprofessional and rude.

david dunne

Оценка: 1

Bad notifications of gate numbers either A or B what’s the point arriving on time just to be waiting around ? Is that how you make your money in the shops? Airport is clean but other than that get your info up to date quicker. Oh and the WiFi access is still to send me a login confirmation that’s 2 hours ago. I’m actually only giving one star not 3

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