Station T2 Guidoni

T2 Guidoni / station T2 Guidoni

Rating: 4.6
Аddress: 50127 Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
GPS: 43.7997374 11.2095744



Station  T2 Guidoni Station  T2 Guidoni Station  T2 Guidoni


Аbout Station T2 Guidoni.

Viktor Petrini

Оценка: 5

New bus interchange tramvia🚎22-66 + 🚇T2 stop very convenient for those coming from Sesto fs with 66 or from Croce to Varliano with the 23 and wants to reach the center of Florence🏙️🏢🕌⛪🏰🏘️altrimenti the airport🏙️✈️ across the street is another stop on the 30th and 68th. bus / tramway at this stop 🚎66🏭osmannoro🚊sesto fs 🚎23🏢novoli / 🏭rifredi / 🕌poliation independence / 🏢bathroom / 🏢sorgane / 🏢croce to varliano 🚇T2🏙️paciation unit✈️ airport

Mattia Grazioli

Оценка: 4

Very convenient, especially because it comes from the airport for a few trips or from Florence North, the correspondence with the uncovered parking from 1 € per day unguarded. In addition to the service of the T2 line of the Florentine tram there is the terminus of the line 23 of the A.T.A.F. directed towards Sorgane or extended towards Bagno a Ripoli. Small Tip: being one of the first stops on the tramway journey, when you get on the wagon it will almost always be empty and you will easily find a seat👍

Leo Io Io

Оценка: 4

It is not here. is located moved towards Viale GUIDONI.

Giacomo Bartalesi

Оценка: 5

Filippo Cenci

Оценка: 5

Where is the Station T2 Guidoni located?