Airport Trieste Airport

Trieste Airport / station Trieste Airport

Rating: 3.6
Аddress: Via Aquileia, 46, 34077 Ronchi dei Legionari GO, Italy
GPS: 45.8266438 13.4700889



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Аbout Airport Trieste Airport.

alen novit

Оценка: 4

The Trieste airport is a quite modern building, located near Ronchi dei legionari village and about 38 km from Trieste. Together with main airport building, there is also modern, new parking place, arranged and appropriate for garage parking (in more levels) and open parking (more or less expensive which depends if you wish to park near or a little bit away from the airport building) - the newer part of parking facility is available on the oposite side of the main airport building, across the main road, and is connected with the main airport facilicity through hall eqiped with elevators, escalators and electronic systems and screens where you can see accurate and updated information about public transport from and to the airport (busses and trains are stopping on this opposite side of the main airport building) - commendable and useful. From inside the main airport building is rather small, but at the moment (in year 2018) it is also not crowdy, although the number of passengers is rising each year. Also there is a small number of bars (just two for the moment) and shopping areas so the offer in that matter is not very wide - for sure something to consider in next years in case the airport will expand. Toilets are otherwise available free of charge (with interesting hand wash/dry system) and access for people with disabilities is secured to all airport and parking points. Although the infrastrukture is very useful and modern, the seats in waiting areas could be more comfortable and there could be more electrical sockets in case more passengers will need to charge their phones or computers. With very nice arranged parking areas (and also not so expensive) and very well arranged connections with main big cities in sorounding (eg. Trieste and Udine) through bus (eg. Linea 51) and train lines (just to mention direct train line from Ljubljana) the airport still offers a lot of opportunities for upgrading and expansion. It is worth to mention that airport offers many low-price flight options to more or less frequent and popular destination, and in case you manage to find one that is suitable for you, just take the opportunity and start your travel form here.

angie hong

Оценка: 5

This airport only handles 14flts a day.7 in. 7 out. Airport staff tries their best to help in checking bags through to international gateways. Slow indeed but they tried.

Gaber Zidar

Оценка: 4

They have a coffee and restaurant in first floor, that has a view over the airport. There you can get a plastic bottle of water for 2€, but hidden around the corner there is a vending machine with a bottle of water for 0,40€ and coffee machine with coffee price of 0,50€. See attached photo. Trieste airport is much better airport than Treviso, where customers are threated as a cattle. More than half passengers on the Ryanair flights were from Slovenia... so I think that they have to consider to fly from Ljubljana too.

Irakli Svintradze

Оценка: 1

dont even think about waiting out an hour here, and especially 6 hours like me, airport apparently closes at 12 am and i was kicked out inti cold! never again... rubbish airport, rubbish place.

Artur Demek

Оценка: 3

The displays immediately erase information about the flights that already arrived. If you come just ten minutes after the arrival of the plane that you expect, there will be no information about the flight displayed. Has to be improved to satisfaction of people waiting arrivals. Parking is overrated. We paid me than four euro for 40 minutes.